Seminer: Accretion and Outflows in Accreting WD Binaries

Bölümümüzde 24.04.2017 tarihinde Prof. Dr. Şölen Balman tarafından "Accretion and Outflows in Accreting WD Binaries" isimli bir seminer verildi. Seminerin videosuna aşağıdan ulaşabilirsiniz. Özet: Compact binaries with white dwarf (WD) primaries, constitute laboratories to study accretion flows, gas dynamics, outflows, transient outbursts, and explosive nuclear burning under a variety of astrophysical plasma conditions in relation with LMXBs and AGNs.  Recent space- and ground-based spectral and timing studies, along with recent surveys indicate that we still have observational and theoretical complexities yet to answer. I will concentrate on nonmagnetic Cataclysmic Variables discussing issues on evolutionary aspects, dwarf nova outburst, the nova-like systems and the optically thick-thin disk transition conditions, and the disk wind models. I will elaborate on how accretion phase may shape the thermonuclear eruptions on the surface of WD binaries and Nova evolution. Also, I will discuss how flickering variability studies from optical to X-rays can be probes to determine accretion history. YouTube Preview Image
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